Fresno State stationery

Stationery is the official University business system.

Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are the first contact many people have with Fresno State. They are perhaps the primary means of presenting the University’s graphic identity clearly and consistently.


University-wide and college-specific letterhead may be used for all correspondence. If you need customized templates for your department, program or unit, contact University Brand Strategy and Marketing at

  • Digital University letterhead
  • Printed University letterhead
A matrix of downloadable letterhead templates categorized by area.
School or College
University Letterhead (208 KB)
College of Arts and Humanities (346 KB)
College of Health and Human Services (347 KB)
College of Science and Mathematics (349 KB)
College of Social Sciences (350 KB)
Craig School of Business (338 KB)
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (374 KB)
Kremen School of Education and Human Development (368 KB)
Lyles College of Engineering (347 KB)


Official Fresno State envelopes with the University logo are available at Printing Services.

University envelope

Business Cards

Faculty and staff who need business cards may request them from Printing Services. Cards also may be appropriate for students whose campus jobs bring them in extensive contact with the public. Please keep information as concise as possible and note the following:

  • You must use your official, University-affiliated job title, phone number, website and email address on your business card. Personal information is not allowed.
  • Academic degree designations are limited to space available, with the highest attained degree listed first after your name.
  • Professional designations such as (e.g. CPA, LCSW) also are permitted when space is available.

Submit business card requests to Printing Services.

Student Business Cards

Official business cards are issued to students, student assistants, or interns on rare occasions for students who have significant contact with the public as a representative of a University office. Official University business cards are meant to serve as identification for business purposes and should contain basic contact information.

Alternate business cards containing the Fresno State name and/or logo are strictly prohibited. Only official University business cards are allowed.

  • Single-sided business card with logo (front)
  • Single-sided business card with logo (back)
  • Single-sided business card with seal (front)
  • Single-sided business card with seal (back)
  • Double-sided business card with logo (front)
  • Double-sided business card with logo (back)
  • Double-sided business card with seal (front)
  • Double-sided business card with seal (back)

PowerPoint Templates

The Fresno State PowerPoint template may be used for all presentations and is available below. The University seal PowerPoint may be used for:

  • The Office of the President
  • Faculty communications
  • International correspondence
  • Correspondence with academic societies or publishers
  • Formal and official University presentations