Official Logos
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Visually distinguishable wordmarks and symbols are foundation to our brand.

Our University logo represents us at the highest level and is vitally important to our brand. It is used by all campus units to convey a sense of the whole University through unity and consistency.

Research proves that the use of multiple and differing logos dilutes the impact and effectiveness of the primary identity of an institution and confuses target audiences. Consistency in the use of the logo assists in protecting the University’s visual identity against plagiarism. 

Please consult with University Brand Strategy and Marketing to clarify any of the basic rules at 559.278.8595 or email


The primary Fresno State logo consists of the paw icon, the wordmark and the brand values. There are instances when the logo will not use brand values and instances when the brand values will be replaced by the name of a campus unit.

The paw icon The Icon

The paw image represents campus pride in our mascot, the Bulldog.

The wordmark The Wordmark

The wordmark has been crafted in all-caps in a specially designed variation of the font, Friz Quadrata. Embedded in the wordmark is the Bulldog paw print.

Brand values Brand Values

These values express our brand and culture. Where did it come from? In 2009, a group of faculty, staff, students and alumni examined the Fresno State brand. Their quantitative and qualitative research identified the three D’s as frequently-used words that embody the essence of the academic experience at Fresno State. Here’s what they mean:

  • Discovery

    We believe in fostering personal passion, potential and a sense of belonging.

  • Diversity

    We believe effective solutions come from inclusiveness, openness and respect.

  • Distinction

    We believe excellence emerges with a willingness to be bold.

College, Department or Unit Logos

The logo can be used with the name of a college, department or other campus unit. This allows those units to have their own identity while linking to the overall identity of the University.

Please do not create this logo yourself. Consult with University Brand Strategy and Marketing to have your individual unit name created in unison with the primary logo to assure the correct typeface, size and spatial relations. Email for more information.

College, department or unit logos

Color Variations

Fresno State’s official colors are cardinal red and blue. The logo is to be used in its original approved color format. However, the entire logo may be either 100 percent white or 100 percent black only for use on colored backgrounds.

The logo also may be foil-stamped in gold, silver, bronze, red or blue. Use caution in matching foil colors to the matching color palette.

In all applications, the contrast between the logo and the background should allow for legibility and readability of the logo.

Minimum Size and Clear Space

The full logo should be used no smaller than 1 inch in width with no proportional loss in depth. Exceptions to the size restriction may be made on a case-by-case basis for smaller marketing items, such as writing pens or key chains. Contact Trademark Licensing for more information.

Provide sufficient clear space

Alternate Configurations

Shown below are four approved configurations of the logo, allowing additional flexibility.

Basic Rules

  • Don't lighten or darken the logo
    Don’t lighten or darken the logo
  • Don't outline the logo
    Don’t use the logo in outline form
  • Don't skey or distort the logo
    Don’t distort, skew, morph or italicize the logo
  • Don't make patterns from the logo
    Don’t make a pattern or decorative device out of the logo or its parts (wordmark)
  • Only use high-quality logos
    Don’t use a logo unless it is in perfect condition (no jagged edges, blurriness, missing parts)
  • Don't use old logos
    Don’t use old logos or the medallion
  • Don't recreate or change the fonts
    Don’t recreate or change the font families and font weights
  • Don't modify colors in the logo
    Don’t change colors or use unauthorized color palettes
  • Ensure proper contrast
    Make sure there is enough contrast between the logo and any background it is against to ensure proper legibility. Use the one-color (black) or inverse (white) versions of the logo for the best contrast.
  • Avoid complex backgrounds
    Avoid busy, complex backgrounds that interfere with legibility
  • Always display the logo in a prominent size and position
    If multiple logos (for event sponsors) are necessary, the University logo must be in the superior position and be presented larger than any sponsor logos
  • Don't use artificial effects
    Don’t use artificial dimensional effects (such as making the logo three-dimensional or using the digital embossing effect). Having the logo actually embossed is acceptable but using artificial dimensional effects can reduce the legibility of the logo and change the logo design.


The Fresno State logo is the primary logo to be used in all materials. In some cases, the University seal, the Athletics logomark, or the Victor E. Bulldog III logomark may be used. Contact University Brand Strategy and Marketing for more information.

The University (Adacemic) seal The University (Academic) Seal

The seal signifies the academic character of the University and is appropriately used in support of official University policies, decisions, ceremonies or other formal actions as an academic institution.

The seal is a mark of authentication and institutional sanction. The official seal was designed by artist and Fresno State Professor Emeritus Darwin Musselman. It includes the “lamp of learning” and the “book of knowledge.” The Latin inscription “Lvcem Accipe Vt Reddas” translates as “Receive the light that you may give it forth.”

The University’s official name, California State University, Fresno, encircles the seal. The date 1911 refers to the founding year of the University.

Colleges, departments and areas are allowed to use the University seal on materials that are academic in nature.

If you are using the University seal in marketing or communications materials, you must obtain approval from University Brand Strategy and Marketing prior to use.
The Athletics logo Athletics

“The Bulldog” is the primary logomark for Fresno State Athletics and is used in relation to intercollegiate athletic communications and materials, including on facilities and team uniforms. The “Green V” represents Fresno State’s pride in the hard-working leaders and innovators of the San Joaquin Valley.

The Athletics logo should not be confused with, or substituted for, the official University logo. All uses of the Athletics logo must be approved in advance by Trademark Licensing.

Victor E. Bulldog III Victor E. Bulldog III

Victor E. Bulldog is the official live mascot for Fresno State. His primary function for the Fresno State Alumni Association (FSAA) is to boost morale for University alumni, athletes, students, fans and friends. Victor E. Bulldog is a promotional tool for the greater good and support of the University.

The Victor E. Bulldog name and mark are licensed and trademarked by Fresno State. Prior to use, all requests for use of the Victor E. Bulldog name and/or mark must be approved by Trademark Licensing. Additionally, all requests must be reviewed and approved by the FSAA.

Victor E. Bulldog III Brand Policy 423 KB (.pdf)

When to Use What

A matrix describing logo types and how to use them.
Logo Type
When to Use
Fresno State logo with or without brand values All University digital or print publications.
For external marketing/promotions, use .
Fresno State logo with External marketing/promotions.
You do not need to use the on websites, or in publications where a copyright disclaimer is included.
If placing the logo on a product, please contact Trademark Licensing.
Paw icon/Other wordmark, symbol or icon with External marketing/promotions.
You do not need to use the on websites, or in publications where a copyright disclaimer is included.
If placing the icon, wordmark or symbol on a product, please contact Trademark Licensing.
University seal
  • Communications from the Office of the President
  • University-level formal and official documents such as diplomas, academic awards, etc.
  • Faculty correspondence
  • International correspondence
  • Correspondence with academic societies and publishers
  • Letters of reference
Athletics “Bulldog” logo Intercollegiate athletic communications and materials.
If using the Bulldog logo on a product, please contact Trademark Licensing.


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